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X Games Bowling


XgameBowling is scoring for Tenpin Bowling, but not as you know it. XGamesBowling is different, the lanes, the balls and the pins are the same and you bowl the same..but every ball counts and best part,you never have to wait for the next couple of frames to know who is winning and by how much. If you are a competitive person, XGB will keep you interested in every match.
XGB consists of Sets in a Match, XGames in each Set, and Points in an XGame. A typical Singles Match might consist of, best of 3 sets . In each set, the first player to win 2 games, will win the set. The first player to win 3 points takes that game.
How do you win a point? A pair of lanes is needed and order of play goes like this. Player A bowls a first ball, then Player B his first. Back to Player A for his second ball, then Player B his second. (this way you know exactly how you are going against your opposition, ball for ball).
The winner of the frame is awarded one point, where a Strike beats any spare, a spare beats an open frame. If both bowl a spare, the highest first ball pinfall wins. If both open the frame, highest total takes the point. Say both bowl a strike or exactly the same spare (eg 9spare v 9spare), then the point is replayed till one gains advantage, that's when the point is awarded.
With XGB, every shot you make is important, bowl a strike and you can not lose the point. Even if you dont strike, its important to bowl the highest first ball count as you can and then follow it with a spare to give yourself best possible chance to win points. Strikes and spares do not carry over into the next point though, even if you have several strikes going, next ball you bowl is equally as important to you and your opposition to win that next point.
Teams. A match is the same format, Sets, XGames and XFrames. Each member of the team bowls a frame against his opposite number to win a point for the team. Usually the number of points needed to win a XGame is set to match the number of bowlers in each team, but as in Singles, every shot is important. There are some interesting rules which can be applied to team lineup which can introduce team tactics into our sport. Could get very interesting. There are certain times in the match when a team may change their lineup. This could become a strategic move to gain advantage to win more of the frames. Only one team may change at the start of each Set, the opposition has their chance to change at the start of the following set. Matches have adjustable number of Sets/XGames/XFrames to create suitable time constraints.